Mercer County

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  • Greater Trenton Pipes and Drums: (Mercer County, United States) - Greater Trenton Pipes and Drums is based in the Trenton and surrounding areas.
  • Guard Pipes and Drums: (Mercer County, United States) - A Northern New Jersey Family Band serving the Tri-State Area.
  • Lia Fail Pipes and Drums of Mercer County, NJ: (Mercer County, United States) - The Lia Fail Pipe and Drum Corps is located in Mercer County, New jersey.
  • Trenton AOH Division 1 Pipe Band: (Mercer County, United States) - Committed to quality playing and teaching, the Trenton AOH pipe band honors our Celtic roots and carries on the proud tradition of performance at our many local Irish events throughout the state.