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  • Andreas Rogge Pipe Maker: (Denmark, Denmark) - Cornemuse Berrychonne
  • Begg Bagpipes: (Glasgow, United Kingdom) - The Quality Bagpipe Shop started by James C Begg in 1980 is renowned throughout the piping world for excellent service, back up and first class piping merchandise. We can supply repair or refurbish any item connected to the great highland bagpipe.
  • David Shaw Bagpipes: (Craghead Stanley Co Durham, United Kingdom) - Dave has been playing and making pipes for more than twenty five years. His pipes have a reputation for elegance, are designed to sound technical specifications and are beautifully tuned.
  • Deger Pipes Electronic Bagpipe Chanter: (Karlsruhe, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany) - Deger Pipes is an Electronic Bagpipe Chanter with phones and MIDI output. It is an ideal supplement to the ordinary practice chanter, and much more...
  • Niall Bagpipes: (England, United Kingdom) -
  • R.G.Hardie & Co.: (Glasgow, United Kingdom) - R.G.Hardie & Co are manufacturers of the world's finest bagpipes and chanters ... This unique bagpipe combines master craftsmanship and innovation to bring ...
  • C.E. Kron & Co. | Master Bagpipe Maker: (Dobbs Ferry, United States) - CE Kron & Co. has been crafting traditional bagpipes with only the finest wood, ivory and exotic materials since 1987.
  • Colin Kyo Bagpipes: (Medford, United States) - Website for Colin Kyo Bagpipes, hand crafted by Murray Huggins in Medford, OR. Website contains contact information for Murray via telephone, "snail mail" or the internet
  • MacLellan Bagpipes: (Durham, United States) - Made to order highland bagpipes, made from Cocobolo, or African Blackwood. Also piping supplies, chanters and highland dress