Alexis Malcolm Kilts

Clewiston, FL (See Map)


Alexis Malcolm Kilts and The Clan McCallum / Malcolm Society and Clan Gunn have established a one week Piping Scholarship to the North American Academy of Piping & Drumming at the Valle Crucis Conference Center, Valle Crucis, North Carolina.

This Scholarship will cover one week of instruction, room & meals as well as a practice chanter for beginners.

This award is for beginners, intermediate or even advanced Pipers as the school offers all levels of instruction.

Age is unimportant.

Preference will be given to Veterans, descendents or relatives of a veteran and members of Clan MacCallum / Malcolm and Clan Gunn.

We just awarded scholarships to 4 winners for 2008 to the North American Academy of Piping & Drumming in North Carolina and we had 3 winners in 2007.

There is no age limit & nor grades of piping ability. Alexis Malcolm Kilts Website Scholarship Application


Map Marker is an approximate location