Cords and knots centre

In 1937 Our Late Grand Father Ch. Ummer Deen Sulehria initiated manufacturing Bagpipe Cords, Dress Cords and other related items, in Sialkot, After that our Late father Shafique Ahmad Sulehria was Govt, employed and doing Part time business of Bagpipe Cords, dress cords and supply to Exporters. In 1989 Asim Shafique Sulehria joined this business and provide quality products and superior service to domestic customers which are indirectly export and meeting their requirements. As the time Progressed, he extended line and niche with hard work.

Out of many years of experience with Badges, Bagpipe Cords, Band Dress Accessories, Dress, Bigule and Flag Cords, Leather Products, Sporrans, Metal Accessories, Musical Instruments, Swords and Uniform Accessories ( Cap Peak, Glengarry Balmoral & Berets Cap, Officer Caps, Hackles & Cap Tassels). These quality products are symbol of our passion, hard work, quality control - our customers will tell you about our product’s quality…


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