celtic nations pipes and drums

celtic nations pipes and drums

Celtic Nations Pipes and Drums is a diverse group of musicians dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the Celtic Heritage and the music of The Great Highland Bagpipe accompanied by Highland pipe-band style Drumming. As a teaching organization, the Band has created an atmosphere where all of its Members, regardless of experience, enjoy the fellowship of the group.

Performances portray the high value the Band places on music. Each Member is dedicated to continually making Celtic Nations Pipes and Drums an organization where everyone is encouraged to be their very best.


The Great Highland Bagpipe is said to be the most difficult of musical instruments to learn. A melody is played on the chanter against the steady harmonic background of three drones. Nine notes produce a true harmonic scale. Articulation is accomplished by fingers alone. Melody notes are accented by grace notes, and further enhanced with more complicated embellishments.

Although the end goal is the same, adults learn differently than do youthful learners. We have programs specifically tailored to each. Our teaching methods are designed to accelerate learning and optimize the student’s potential.

Whether you’re an experienced piper, musician, or you’re entirely new to music, we provide instruction that’s right for you.

In a pipe band, drums create dynamics and rhythms that complement bagpipe music. Snare drums play scores in unison written specifically for each individual tune. Tenor drums introduce varied “voices” that add an additional level of interest to the overall ensemble of pipes and drums. The bass drum is a dominant voice, with both simple and complex beatings designed to draw the various components together and to add yet another layer of interest to the music.

Our instruction will provide everything you need, including guidance for purchasing your essential “tools’. We are experienced in this regard and are able to direct you to high quality products with maximum value.

  • Practice Chanter
  • Bagpipe
  • Drum
  • Sticks/Mallets
  • Practice Pad

Celtic Nations Pipe Band is a carefully crafted and directed organization combining a serious approach to music with fun and excitement. We very much balance hard work with fun.

Weekly rehearsals help to create an understanding of Celtic music, skills on bagpipes and drums, and competencies throughout the organization. The complex integration of pipes and drums is anchored in Tone, Technique, Timing, and playing in unison within the greater pipe band musical ensemble.

Members are coached and challenged to achieve a reasonable performance standard. Everything we do is toward the greater good and wellbeing of CNPD.

Our invitation:

If you are interested in learning bagpipes or drums and becoming part of Celtic Nations Pipe Band, please reach out to us at the link below. Thank you!

The Band on Bagpiper Forums


Map Marker is an approximate location


Contact Pipeband - celtic nations pipes and drums by visiting their website
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