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Traditional Celtic Folk Music

With the skirl of the Bagpipes, the haunting Irish whistle and the beat of the Bodhran and harmonies of the guitar, Green Mountain Celts brings to life a timeless tradition of Celtic inspired music.

Our music reflects the heart of the Celts and embraces the mystical qualities of the Scottish Highlanders and Irish bards, jigs, reel and marches.

Green Mountain Celts share the spirit of ancestral Celtic roots and bring to life a timeless recipe of traditional Scottish, Irish and Celtic inspired music with repertoire that reflects the heart of Celtic music.

Travel through time with songs of Scottish Highlanders and Irish bards. Tap your toes to jigs and reels and even some tunes of the rebels.

We perform traditional Celtic music with the great highland bagpipes, Scottish small pipes and bodhran and are often joined by guest musicians.

We enjoy presenting programs which share historical facts and legends about the music and the instruments.

Fees vary according to musical line-up, location, and length of the event.


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