Michael Collins Ancient Order of Hibernians Pipes and Drums Band


Michael Collins Ancient Order of Hibernians Pipes and Drums Band

The Michael Collins Pipes and Drums, was founded on June 29, 1996 during a picnic at the home of our award winning Bass drummer Tom Farrell.


Most of the newly formed band members had just left various other bands in the Denver Metro area. The band chose its name to honor Michael Collins who is regarded as the father of the Irish Republic; and to align itself more closely with its primary patron, the Michael Collins Division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH), based in Denver, Colorado.

The band considers it a great honor to carry his name. The band’s connection with the AOH assures close ties with Colorado’s Irish community and therefore, Irish music will always play a major role in the band’s repertoire.

The band’s mission also includes a promise to avoid political discord, discrimination, or exclusion of new members on the basis of religion, political or social ideology, or ethnic heritage. The band’s objective is to learn and play great pipe music and to have fun. Having Fun is the primary goal of the band still today.

We started with the intent of being a small pub band playing and having fun but as we grew so did our reputation. Everyone thought The Michael Collins band was just going to be another Irish Band. Well it didn’t work out that way. Soon there were 30 of us and the band was forced to change from a pub band to a competitive pipe & drum band. In 1998 we were awarded the Hibernians of the year award from the Michael Collins Division of Hibernians.

That was a great honor for the band being recognized nationally by the Hibernians. We decided to compete in the local Highland Games that year, doing poorly, but we had fun and learned a lot. The following year we did a little better but we still needed a lot of work.

In 1999 the band was chosen to lead the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Denver one of the largest Parade’s in the nation. We also won first place in various other parades, played with the Jefferson County Symphony in concert, were the host Pipe Band at the Kansas City Irish Festival as well as the opening act for Seven Nations. We played for David Trimble, leader of Northern Ireland, The Colorado Avalanche, the Denver Nuggets, and many other Irish and civic organizations.

The year 2000 was a great year for us winning our first competition at the Kiowa Celtic game in grade IV medley. First place in the St Patrick’s parade for best Pipes and Drums, third and fourth place in every other competition we entered. The last competition of that year we took in First place at the Grand Junction Games.

Also, not forgetting our Drum section, which took a second place at Estes Park in the combined Grade IV and III drum competition as well as first place at the Grand Junction Games. The band believes that they have one of the best drum corps in the state of Colorado. We added a Dance Section to our band with the addition of Jill and Moriah both assistant instructors for the McTeggart’s School of Irish Dance.

This year we started off in First place in the St Patrick’s parade and third place at the Albuquerque highland games. Recorded our first CD titled Michael Collins Live at Sheabeen Pub (One of the best Irish Pubs in Colorado and the home of the MCPB).

We have grown to over fifty members and continue to play for various charities and civic organizations such as National Night out, a Police awareness program. As we continue to grow and become more proficient the band hopes to go to Ireland and compete.

In the meantime we will continue to have fun and spread good will wherever we go.


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