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The Thistle Pipe Band is a Swedish Pipes & Drums unit, with its HQ and stores at the Royal Military Academy of Karlberg in Stockholm.

As a pattern, the Band uses the looks and routines of a Pipes & Drums unit within the British Army and, consequently, stresses the importance, besides playing, of a first-class parade ground drill.

The band has been co-operating since the mid 1980’s with the oldest infantry regiment of the Line in the British Army, 1st Line of Foot, The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment).

The Thistle Pipe Band performs all the year round in Sweden as well as abroad. The band has its own schools for the different disciplines needed, both with regard to playing, drill and deportment.

There are no formal requirements for earlier experience regarding playing.

The instruments used are bagpipes, side drums, tenor drums, bass drum, bugles, broadswords and pace stick.


The Thistle Pipe Band (TPB), Stockholm, was raised in 1968 by the late 1st Lieutenant (Cavalry) Per Colliander. It was the first Band of its kind in Sweden, and the second only in Scandinavia, following in the footsteps of a Danish band, The Heather Pipes & Drums, in Copenhagen.

Today, 35 years later, the operations are run with pretty much unchanged rules and demands regarding military style, exercise, drill and polished finishing to the very last detail. One overall difference is that today the Band is alone in keeping a military style among the bands in Scandinavia. Since 1985 the Band has its quarters and stores in military surroundings, happily contributing to the spirit and morale and a robust comradeship within the Band.

A major factor contributing to the preservation of the style and looks of the Band – and also greatly influencing the musical repertoire over the years – has been a longstanding and close working relationship with the oldest infantry unit in the British Army, The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), 1st of Foot. Colonel Sir John Hepburn, the first Commanding Officer of the Regiment, was at one time one of the highest-ranking commanders under Gustavus Adolphus in Germany during the Thirty Years’ War in mid 17th century.

The Band does not take part in competitions, as a matter of principle, and is a bit finicky about where it performs. HRH Princess Christina is Patroness of the Band since 1973.

If you would like to know more of the history of the Band, please continue reading on this web site. You are also invited to contact the Band for recruitment purposes or to discuss performances. You will find the Band at the Royal Military Academy of Karlberg, Stockholm.


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