saendistrict pipes and drums

pipeband in assendeft netherlands


The Saendistrict Pipes & Drums in Assendelft, Netherlands. Assendelft located near Amsterdam.

Saendistrict Pipes & Drums is a band whose members are the Scottish bagpipe music with a lot of enthusiasm and fun practicing.

The band not only the pipers the Great Highland Bagpipe playing but also the drummers, such as the tenor drummers, the basdrummer and side drummers. Properly The band has 25 playing members.

We are constantly trying to raise us. Musical level Before we take among others participated in various national and international championships.

Furthermore, you can see us from several other interesting events and festivities hear.

The band wears the kilt (kilt) Clan Macpherson, for which we have received from the head of the clan. Official permission


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