City of Amsterdam Pipe Band

Amsterdam (See Map)


The City of Amsterdam Pipe Band is playing bagpipe music within the present Scottish tradition and consists of about 25 active playing members

The band exists since 1974 and is a strong contender on contests at home and abroad. The band also performs on engagements at several occasions.

Tartan - Modern McPherson

The band wears the daywear uniform and the tartan is the Modern McPherson.

Founded in 1974

The foundation for The City of Amsterdam Pipe band was laid down on the 1st of January 1974 when some ex-members of The Amsterdam Boys’ Brigade Pipe Band and some members of The YMCA Pipes and Drums joined forces under the name Selected Piping Group Amsterdam. The goal was to create a band that could play music at a higher level.

First World Championships

In 1975 the band for the first time took part in the World Pipe Band Championships in Corby; with a big help from P.M. David Duncan and L.D. David Brown, both from The Bucksburn and District Pipe Band, the band reached a 7th place in Grade 4. The band at that time was led by P.M. Peter Korzilius and L.D. Carel Ooms.

In 1978 the Dutch pipeband scene was modeled to the SPBA format and bands had to register. Following the desire to create an own identity for the band the name was changed to The City of Amsterdam Pipe Band under the leadership of P.M. Richard van der Horn.

After getting several prices in Grade 4 the band was promoted to Grade 3 in 1980. During the eighties a lot of success was booked as well as in Scotland as on the Continent, like winning The English Championships in Nottingham and winning several prices at the major competitions in Scotland.

Grade 2

The result of this was the promotion to Grade 2 in 1987; quite a unique thing to happen to a continental band that had absolutely no Scottish background.

The band stayed in Grade 2 for only 2 years; At the end of 1988 the band fell apart due to several circumstances.

Only the drum corp stayed together and kept on playing on its own for a whole season and won several indoor contests for drum salutes as The Copenhagen Winter Competition and The Amsterdam Spring Competition.

Since 1990 the band is working again as a complete unit.

Starting again in Grade 3 and build up under the leadership of P.M. Gert-Jan van Achterberg, Peter Exmann and later Fred Bronius a solid foundation was laid down for the present group.

The present City is back again under the leadership of P.M. Richard van der Horn and L.D Carel Ooms and has for the years to come several ambitions to fulfill.

The results, booked during the last couple of seasons, indicate that the band is working hard and is definitely on the right track. We truly believe we can look forward to a healthy future for the band.


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