Crest of Gordon - City of Bremen Pipes and Drums


Crest of Gordon - City of Bremen Pipes and Drums

Located in the north of Germany in Bremen


Of course, it was a long road before Crest of Gordon took on its current form. So that you can get to know our association a little better, we would like to bring you closer to our history and our purpose.

history of the band

In 1992, Welshman Victor C. Besch and a few Scottish enthusiasts from Bremen joined forces with the aim of founding a pipe band in Bremen. From initially 3 players, a pipe band has grown over the past few years, which can compete with other bands at international competitions and has achieved good rankings there so far. In 2001, the previously rather loose formation became a registered association, which was certified as non-profit by the Syke tax office.

The music

Ever since the band was founded, great importance has always been attached to cultivating Scottish music culture with the Great Highland Bagpipe and the associated drum corps in their original way. When selecting the pieces to be played, great care is therefore taken to play the pieces in the traditional way. Conducted by Welsh-born and current Pipe Major Robin Davies, ‘Crest of Gordon’ performs traditional marches, dance pieces and of course the Highland anthems ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Scotland the Brave’.

The outfit

Crest of Gordon performs in the traditional colors of the Aberdeen area Highland Clan of Gordon - hence the name Crest of Gordon - ‘In the Sign of the Gordons’. But this also means: No public appearance without the traditional Scottish kilt.

The band members

The band is not made up of Brits, as one would expect, but amateur musicians from the greater Bremen area indulge in this unusual hobby. Only 2 players have their roots in the British Isles. Our fellow players come from a radius of almost 50 km from the Bremen area. Rehearsals are once a week – twice a week when there are competitions. Beginners are trained within the band and in weekly courses in the Odenwald and in Denmark with teachers from Scotland, Ireland and Canada.

The appearances

The performance locations of Crest of Gordon are scattered all over Germany and neighboring European countries. In the past few years we have been to Kalundborg (DK), Basel (CH), Maastricht (NL), Mannheim, Fulda, Dresden, Leipzig, Aschersleben, among others , Köthen, Kuehlungsborn, Wieck-Fischland, Berlin, Hamburg, north, Weener - Leer, Peine, Breuberg (Odenwald) and Scotland.

Our goal

We want to convey the Scottish music culture in its unique form to a wide audience in its traditional way.


Map Marker is an approximate location

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