Northfield Caledonia Pipes and Drums

Birmingham, Warwickshire (See Map)


A small display Pipeband based in Birmingham England

Formed in 1988 as a non profit organisation, George Sands (piper) and his son Robert (drummer) put together the band known as the Northfield Caledonia Pipes and Drums.

It has 3261ally got its name from the area in which it is based and Caledonia being Scottish. Hiring a room at the Austin British Legion Club in Birmingham, England, George encouraged several learners to play the pipes and Robert a couple of potential drummers to learn the drums.

Sadly each of the learners gave up in turn. Not giving up themselves George and Robert continued to seek learners. After hard and long commitment several candidates made it to become playing members and gratefully pipers from a disbanded group joined, two of whom are still with us.

With little and self funding the members scraped enough money to buy instruments and partial uniforms. Starting on a local Remembrance Day parade the band began to form a functional role. All of the major effort that had gone into practicing was beginning to pay off.


Map Marker is an approximate location