Black Watch (3RHR) of Canada Pipes and Drums

Ontario (See Map)


The objective of the Black Watch Letters and Images Project is to let Black Watch Veterans tell their own story in their own words by creating a permanent archive which preserves the Regimental wartime correspondence, photographs, and other personal mate

Too often the story told of the Black Watch has been one of great battles and great individuals, an approach that unfortunately omits the ‘ordinary’ soldier and the richness of their wartime experience.

In this respect, the Black Watch is actively gathering letters, journals, diaries, memoirs and other documents and we are hoping that family and friends of the Regiment will step forward and graciously contribute copies of any of these materials to the effort to bring the Black Watch experience in war to life.

As an electronic archive we do not keep any original material (unless donated by the owner), but borrow them for copying and archival scanning before returning them to the lender.


For more information contact Prof David O’Keefe 450-455-5355 or


Map Marker is an approximate location