brave waves

pipeband in vancouver island british columbia


Brave Waves was formed in January, 2001 to create a multicultural, multi-instrumental mixture of musical styles. The music is called world beat, but it could also be called “77 Flavours”. The medium is the message i.e. the instruments played (bagpipes, tabla, piano, harmonica, guitar) tell a lot about the sound. The new CD is called “Havens of the Light”.

Nealamjit Singh Dhillon (tabla, saxophone, flute) has received extensive formal training in saxophone, flute, tabla, and sitar. His teachers have included Vancouver saxophone legends Stan Karp and Mike Allen as well as world renowned tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain. Nealamjit’s interest lies in bridging musical genres and he has performed in diverse milieus such as playing tabla with the rock band “The Tea Party” and with the jazz/funk band “The Millenium Project” at the Vancouver and Montreal Jazz Festivals. He is currently pursuing his B.A. in Jazz Performance at Capilano College.

Chris Trinidad (bass, drums, vocals) is a Richmond, British Columbia based producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Chris’ ability to play electric bass, the drumset and sing in tandem with his open mindset has allowed him to experience many diverse musical situations.

Joseph McDonald (bagpipes, keyboards, harmonica, vocals) has been a professional musician in Vancouver for 20 years, playing bagpipes & keyboards with “Bare Facts” & “The Mad Celts”. Joseph has piped for the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia and the Governor General of Canada. Joseph is also a fine vocalist and harmonica player.


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