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Tennessee (See Map)


Gallowglass Pipers

Performances with bagpipes can be arranged at all types of events across the Memphis, Tennessee area, the Mid-South, and beyond. More than just kilts and tartan, you can have a piper or band that will produce the WOW Factor to make yours successful.

Bagpipes at your event create an atmosphere of excitement unmatched by other musical instruments. Your family, colleagues, and guests will not soon forget the bagpipes, sound or the occasion.

Gallowglass hardly refers to a goblet from which a popular west coast wine is consumed. It was anglicized from the Gaelic galloglaigh meaning foreign soldier.

The original Gallowglass were Scottish mercenaries brought by lords to Ireland from the Western Highlands and islands of Scotland. They achieved legendary prominence on battlefields for 300 years.

For hundreds of years bagpipers have inspired, enchanted, and enthralled. History neglected to archive what compositions original Gallowglass bagpipers played, nonetheless if they were still around, the contemporary selection of spirited bagpipe tunes undoubtedly would receive thunderous cheers.


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