raul quintana

bagpiper in puerto rico


Puertorican Piper

My name is Raul Quintana and I am available to play the Great Highland bagpipes anywhere in Puerto Rico.

As a solo piper, I can provide a unique combination of musical variety and visual impact at a fair price. I offer a fully professional service and will make sure that all relevant details are planned out well in advance of the function.

Short notice is also not a problem, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you think you might have left it too late.

The uniform worn will include a traditional kilt.

I have been playing the bagpipes as a soloist for the last 4 years. I have played at the Caracol Che in Rincon for wedding. All tunes will be played on a resonant, correctly tuned bagpipe, devoid of the shrill harshness often associated with the instrument. You will find pipers who will charge less and others who will charge more. Whoever you choose, make sure you hear them first. I am readily available to audition tunes at our home or over the phone.


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