Donald K. Ross


Donald K. Ross


I’ve been privileged enough to perform for so many amazing events throughout the years all over Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and internationally.

Being a bagpiper is not just a hobby for me, but a passion that was turned into a full time career.

2011 marks my 41st year of playing the great highland bagpipe.

I’m honored to say I have enjoyed performing at more than 1500 private engagements and creating memories that last forever.

I am one of very few True Professional Pipers in Michigan. When I use the term Professional Bagpiper, I intend it to mean more then just, this is what I do for my living or I get paid for my performances, but it also means that I perform with the proficiency, skill and expertise that rates me at bagpiping’s highest competition grade, Professional Level.

Only one percent of all bagpipers reach this level. So don’t be fooled by a low price quote.

In fact, don’t be fooled by a high price quote.


Then go to my website and click on the Before You Hire section, after which you will be able to make an informed decision on hiring the best performer for your dollars.

Check out the Rest and then Call the Best.

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