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The Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band is named after Robert Barbulak and Malcolm Bokenfohr, two dedicated members of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, who were killed in an automobile accident not of their cause in November 1993.

The RMM band was formed in January 1994 to continue the development of talented and dedicated players, as Rob and Malcolm were. Robert Barbulak came to Simon Fraser University from Edmonton and completed a Bachelor of Business Admin. After winning several prizes at the amateur top grade in BC, he moved to professional and had advanced to the 2nd round of the BCPA knockout competition. Rob was 23 years young. Malcolm Bokenfohr grew up in the lower-mainland and joined the SFU pipe band in 1983. He had joined the board of directors of the BCPA in the year he was killed. Malcolm was 27. What started out the first night with 35 members, has grown in the past 12 years to become one the largest band organizations of its kind in the world with bands in grades 2, 3, 4 and 5; plus a teaching program for beginner chanter and drumming. Grade 1 The Simon Fraser University Pipe Band is the flagship band of the RMM organization. Terry and Jack Lee have been leading the band since 1981 and are chief instructors of the RMM pipe bands. The band has 4 World Championships and 7 CD's released. Many of the members of this band aswell as the grade 2 RMM are instructors in the organization. Grade 2 The Grade 2 band was formed in the fall of 1995 by David Hicks. With local success in their first few years the band went further a field in 1999 and 2000 to compete in California and Maxville. These trips showed the band not only how far they had come, but how good they could be. The band is now under the direction of David Hilder and have competed at the world championships 4 times, winning in 2006. This band is active in competitions and concerts throughout the year and can be hired for private functions aswell. In 2003 the band recorded a CD at the Simon Fraser University recording studio. See the store for details. Roster: Pipers: PM David Hilder, PS Shaunna Hilder, Micah Babinski, Angela Beckett, Rob Berube, Rob Bruce, Sylvia DeTar, Johnathan Farrell, Alex Galloway, Krista Hunt, Teresa Matich, Kirsten Mossington, Will Nichols, Blake Parkinson, Rob Scott, Shane Smith, John Sutherland, David Thorpe, Myles Wilcott Drummers: LD Andre Tessier, Jacqui Bird, Mary Bruce, Bonnie Fletcher, Nichole Holdbak, Anders Jensen, Jessica Lahti, Alex Moscrip, Deb Mossington, Alex Munro, Ashley Penna, Phil Perry, Cameron Reid, Kylie Yonge Grade 3 The Grade 3 band is the highest level of the junior organization. RMM made their first appearance in grade 3 for the 1996 season after placing first in 8 of 10 grade 4 competitions in the 1995 season. The band went on to compete at the World Pipe Band Championships in 1997 and took 2nd. With members aging out, this band continually changes, but with instruction from Jack and Terry Lee, the grade 3's have placed 1st at the worlds every odd year since 1999!! Roster: Pipers: PM Tim Byron, Ryan Angeltvedt, Chelsea Archibald, Kyle Banta, Mitchell Goodman, Griffith Gustafson, Cameron Hardinge-Rooney, Colin Kortschak, Michael Lake, Alastair Lee, John Lee, Chris Low, David MacNeil, Craig Mathews, Daniel McQuade, Scott Needham, Ryan Trasolini, Erin Warkman, Scott Wood Drummers: LD Sarah McLatchy, Shaunna Keyes, Alanna MacRitchie, Curtiss Mann, Colin Hearty, Meaghan Morrisey, Kristin Angeltvedt, Lauren MacRitchie, Reed Meining, Gabrielle Schittecatte, Stacey Wiebe, Noel Keyes Grade 3 Alumni The Alumni Pipe Band was formed in the fall of 2002 to provide another home to players who have aged out of the junior bands and also any other players who enjoy playing good music and competing. The band is under the direction of Rorri McBlane and Rick Caines. Roster: Pipers: PM Rorri McBlane, PS Tyler Milne, Jim Campbell, Ian Dailey, Tim Doty, Bryonie Mahe, Aaron Malcomb, Bill Meston, Kevin McNeil, Kirsten Ridout, Nicci Stewardson Drummers: LD Rick Caines, Charlotte Bleuer, Hugh Conings, James Dalziel, Diana Dunsire, Matt Hauer, Chuck Glover, Scott MacNeil, John Nichol, Josh Reid, Rayna Watson Grade 4 In 1996 there were enough members in the organization to field a band in grade 3 and a band in grade 4. Players in the grade 4 band do the local circuit of highland games and play a medley selection and a march medley. This band is where pipers and drummers hone their skills and prepare for the grade 3 band. Roster: Pipers: Cameron Ballard, Trevor Bauder, Aidan Caves, Glenn Davidson, Brian Haddon, Dylan Hughes, Alexander Janzen, Anthony Low, Graeme Mc Guire, Jenna McLatchy, Kevin McLean, Sean Morris, Pascale Schittecatte, Daryl Techy, Iain Vickars, Connor Watt, Jordan Yonge Drummers: Brittany Coulter, Katelyn Garrity, Graham Haddon, Simon Harrison, Jon Keyes, Cole Malinoski, Emma Mc Guire, Michael Morris, Andrew Robertson, Jordan Wallis, Kyle Wallis, Baylee Warkman, Tyler Wood Grade 5 For the past few years, RMM has fielded a very young grade 5 band in 3 local highland games. It is an excellent opportunity for the next generation of pipers and drummers to gain playing experience in public, and an introduction to the pressures of competing. They compete with a march medley selection. Roster for the Grade 5 and beginner classes: Spencer Angeltvedt, Kathryn Baker, Kimberley Bauder, Kelbey Belliveau, Taylor Bengtson, McKenzie Burns, Nicholas Burns, Matthew Carter, Nicole Carter, Jenna Castellarin, Aidan Caves, Brett Davidson, Bianca Fiedler, Anny He, Stewart Hemingson, Liam Hilder, Alexander Janzen, Amanda Keyes, Travis Kincaid, Amelia Kingsley, Cameron MacLean,Meaghan MacLeod, James MacNeil, Gavin MacRae, Moray McGreevey, Spencer Mulder, Lisa Nadlini, Jenna Potter, Michael Riordan, Alec Robertson, Matthew Schulz, Calum Scott, Dixon Scott, Duncan Scott, Dallas Turner, Baylee Warkman, Curtis Wiebe, Ivor Wilson -

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Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band Organization


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