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Old Croatian Traditional Instruments

In the beginning of the time, while giants still living on the earth, man was walking by the river side. He was alone. Only wind was frisking around man's shoulders occasionally darting in to reed stalk that grew beside bank. Suddenly unusual sound appeared. Silence, then again sound. Silence ... then again. With every gust of the wind, sound would appear again which would stop as wind was getting weaker. The man has approached reed stalk to see what kind of creature cries in so unusual way. He sow nothing, there was only one hollow and cracked reed stalk standing out from the others. Wind blew again, redd stalk trembled and sound could be heard again. Man's hart trembled of joy, he took broken reed stalk and blew ... Since then he was never alone. That was long time ago, very long time ago somewhere in dawn of human being, but that friendship between wind, reed stalk and man still lasts. So, in such way my story began. Before those past ten years I didn't even think that the ancient, old, almost forgotten musical instruments will become my life preocupation. Untill then I didn't hear and even less see one of those I'll be presented to you. I even didn't know for them to exist, and now I'm making them, I'm playing them, writting about them, I'm trying to make them alive, and I can't image my life without them. Thank to this instruments I've been travelling all over the world, I've seen the many beautifull places, I've met so many great people, and more, I've stepped deeply into the human history through the generation of those viered people who lived always somewhere between visible and invisible world, and those who have trough over thousands and thousands years there instruments up to nowadays. Although today the world is different, I belive deep in my soul that somewhere in the woods fairys dancing when someone plays bagpipes or double flutes. Let's now touch these amazing world of old croatian traditional instruments. -

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Old Croatian Instruments


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