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Maker of Highland Pipe Socks, a protective cover that fits over your sticks to prevent them from getting banged up in your tote during transport.

So, you spent a wee fortune on those pipes, eh? Take care of your pipes! A good set of pipes are a big investment for most pipers and a family heirloom set handed down is even more valuable. Precious woods turned by a craftsman, expensive silverwork with ancient designs, seasoned ivory and hand rubbed finishes can all get marred from rubbing and bumping together in your pipe box or tote. Once it's scratched, dented or chipped, it's difficult, expensive and almost impossible to fix. Highland Pipe Socks give you an added level of protection for your precious pipes when you transport them to events, practice and storage. Highland Pipe Socks are made of 16 oz. Sweatshirt Fleece, with Hook / Loop and Drawstring fastening systems. They come as a six piece set: 1 Bass Drone Top Sock 1 Bass Drone Bottom Sock with drawstring 1 Blowpipe Bag with drawstring 1 Chanter Bag with drawstring 2 Tenor Drone Socks Chanter bags are long and wide enough to accommodate a chanter with a 3.5-inch sole and reed protector attached. Chanter bags may be purchased separately. These socks are designed so that they can be put on your pipes after the bass drone is separated. They are also designed so that you don't need to take the drone cords off! Keep Em Safe with Highland Pipe Socks! -
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Abington Highlander


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