The user account allows you access to our multiple websites  and services.

The user account provides you with one username and one password so you can log in once for to access the below websites.

Bagpipe Network Directory
Photo Gallery

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

My account won't stay logged in - whats wrong ?

You browser needs to have the cookies enabled. If they are, all you need to do is log in once and you will be able to access the above sites.

My Password Does Not Work, What's Next ?

You password may need to be reset, please email to notify us of the issues.

Do I need a User Account ?

No. But if you wish to manage more then one Ad, upgrade an ad, or create an AdLink, you will need to have a user account.

Should I change my User Account to change my Ad?

No. Ads and User accounts are two different things.

Your user account allows to log in and do one of the following:

  • Create and edit ads and articles
  • Join forum discussions
  • Post classifieds
  • Upload photos to the Gallery
Once you create your user account, you should not have to edit the account, only your ad.