The DegerPipes Chanter is an ideal supplement for the common practice chanter; and much more...


The DegerPipes includes a MIDI DIN connector which transmits on 3 channels as follows:

Channel 1: Chanter
Channel 2: Tenor Drones
Channel 3: Bass Drone

Notable Use

The Celtic band Gaelic Storm makes use of the DegerPipes.
  • Metallic sensor or contacts based on circuit capacity of the skin.
  • MIDI Output including extended MIDI data (RAW-Mode).
  • Emulation of Highland pipe and Smallpipe.
  • Scalable background Tenor and Bass droning.
  • Well-tempered and pipe scale
  • Volume and pitch adjustment
  • Battery powered (9 Volt)
  • 1/8" jack audio output
  • MIDI and headphone attachment accessories.
  • Metronome