The Jam Pack: World Music contains over 3,235 Apple Loops played by master musicians from nearly every corner of the globe and 42 software instruments.

If you have Apple's (included in iLife '06) Garageband 3.0 and a Deger Bagpipe Chanter you are going to have lots of fun.

First off you will be able to reproduce your favorite bagpipe tunes into a digital format called midi. What makes this great is that you can lay down on track using the Deger chanter, copy the track and playback the piece using a different instrument voice. This allows you to create your multi instrument compositions quite easily. When your done with your work of art just save the selection as an mp3 and load it into your ipod.

If you were thinking about dropping $99 on this package, do yourself a favor a go out a buy it, you won't regret it.

A complete listing of GarageBand Jam Pack: World Music software instruments and loops

Software Instruments (42)
African Kalimba
African Kit
African Marimba
Afro-Cuban Upright Piano
Asian Kit
Indonesian Gamelan
Celtic Hammered Dulcimer
Celtic Harp
Celtic Tin Whistle
Chinese Di Zi Flute
Chinese Erhu Violin
Chinese Guzheng Zither
Chinese Ruan Moon Guitar
Chinese Xiao Flute
European Folk Kit
Hawaiian Ukulele
Highland Bagpipes
Indian & Middle Eastern Kit
Indian Bansuri Flute
Indian Shehnai Oboe
Indian Sitar
Irish Bouzouki
Irish Fiddle
Japanese Koto
Japanese Shakuhachi Flute
Latin Baby Bass
Latin Kit
Medieval Lute
Medieval Recorder
Mexican Guitarron
Native American Flute
Persian Santoor
Peruvian Panpipes
Polka Accordion
Russian Balalaika
South African Singers
South African Voice Effects
Spanish Flamenco Guitar
Tango Accordion
Tibetan Singing Bowls
Turkish Oud Lute
Turkish Saz Lute

Apple Loops (3235)
Afganistan Sand Rabab Count (31)
African Chant Mbira Count (14)
African Crash Box Count (5)
African Dance Marimba Count (18)
African Ghana Kalimba Count (11)
African Ghana Kit Count (10)
African Ghost Bells Count (6)
African Ghost Drum Count (10)
African Ghost Kit Count (18)
African King Atenteben Count (10)
African King Axatse Count (1)
African King Ensemble Count (25)
African King Gyl Count (12)
African King Tsonshi Count (5)
African Lion Atsimevu Count (11)
African Lion Axatse Count (2)
African Lion Gankogui Count (2)
African Lion Kaganu Count (2)
African Lion Kidi Count (5)
African Lion Sogo Count (6)
African Marimba Count (3)
African Mist Gankogui Count (1)
African Mist Kpanlogo Count (13)
African Mist Voice Count (14)
African Monkey Drum Count (4)
African Rain Caxixi Count (5)
African Rain Crashbox Count (7)
African River Kalimba Count (18)
African Seed Caxixi Count (8)
African Skies Kit Count (13)
African Skies Marimba Count (4)
African Skies Voices Count (2)
African Talking Drum Count (26)
African Udu Drum Count (14)
African Zebra Log Drum Count (18)
African Zebra Mbira Count (4)
African Zulu Harp Count (6)
African Zulu Kalimba Count (4)
African Zulu Kit Count (8)
Andean Stroll Drum Count (2)
Andean Stroll Dulcimer Count (1)
Andean Stroll Guitar Count (6)
Andean Stroll Guitarron Count (1)
Andean Stroll Lute Count (2)
Andean Stroll Panpipe Count (9)
Andean Stroll Ukulele Count (1)
Arabian Nights Gombri Count (9)
Argentine Accordion Count (8)
Argentine Tango Bass Count (2)
Argentine Tango Piano Count (7)
Asian Parade Bass Count (7)
Asian Parade Di Zi Count (6)
Asian Parade Erhu Count (8)
Asian Parade Kit Count (5)
Asian Pond Di Zi Count (8)
Asian Pond Kit Count (3)
Asian Pond Zither Count (5)
Australian Didgeridoo Count (16)
Balkan Sea Riq Count (4)
Bavarian Accordion Count (10)
Bavarian Bass Count (4)
Bavarian Drums Count (6)
Beltane Bass Count (2)
Beltane Celtic Harp Count (4)
Beltane Chimes Count (2)
Beltane Dulcimer Count (3)
Beltane Lute Count (2)
Beltane Percussion Count (2)
Beltane Recorder Count (2)
Beltane Tamburin Count (7)
Beltane Whistle Count (5)
Bosnian Sunset Bass Count (13)
Bosnian Sunset Drumset Count (12)
Bosnian Sunset Guitar Count (16)
Bosnian Sunset Violin Count (24)
Brazilian Ago-go Count (1)
Brazilian Apito Count (2)
Brazilian Bass Count (9)
Brazilian Berimbau Count (11)
Brazilian Bossa Bass Count (11)
Brazilian Bossa Drums Count (3)
Brazilian Bossa Guitar Count (6)
Brazilian Bossa Piano Count (22)
Brazilian Caixa Count (2)
Brazilian Cavaquinho Count (7)
Brazilian Cuica Count (4)
Brazilian Drumset Count (7)
Brazilian Ganza Count (2)
Brazilian Guitar Count (10)
Brazilian Panderio Count (2)
Brazilian Repique Count (19)
Brazilian Sun Bass Count (3)
Brazilian Sun Drums Count (7)
Brazilian Sun Guitar Count (5)
Brazilian Sun Panderio Count (6)
Brazilian Sun Shaker Count (4)
Brazilian Sun Voice Count (2)
Brazilian Sun Zambuma Count (9)
Brazilian Surdo Drum Count (5)
Brazilian Tamborim Count (3)
Chinese Dawn Yueqin Count (12)
Chinese Moon Drum Count (4)
Chinese Moon Flute Count (3)
Chinese Moon Guitar Count (1)
Chinese Moon Zither Count (9)
Chinese Reeds Di Zi Count (11)
Chinese Reeds Erhu Count (11)
Chinese Winds Di Xiao Count (7)
Chinese Winds Di Zi Count (12)
Cuban Bass Upright Fun Count (20)
Cuban Cha Cha Clave Count (4)
Cuban Cha Cha Guitar Count (7)
Cuban Cha Cha Piano Count (9)
Cuban Fun Bongo Count (19)
Cuban Fun Clave Count (2)
Cuban Fun Conga Count (13)
Cuban Fun Cowbell Count (10)
Cuban Fun Flute Count (1)
Cuban Fun Guiro Count (2)
Cuban Fun Horn Count (9)
Cuban Fun Maracas Count (5)
Cuban Fun Timbale Count (6)
Cuban Fun Trombone Count (3)
Cuban Fun Trumpet Count (1)
Cuban Fun Voices Count (5)
Cuban Guaba Piano Count (8)
Cuban Guabachoso Piano Count (6)
Cuban Salsa Piano Count (12)
Cuban Son Bass Count (10)
Cuban Son Horns Count (3)
Cuban Son Percussion Count (18)
Cuban Son Sax Count (3)
Cuban Timba Bass Count (14)
Cuban Timba Conga Count (12)
Cuban Timba Drumset Count (16)
Cuban Timba Guitar Count (3)
Cuban Timba Maraca Count (1)
Cuban Timba Trumpet Count (3)
Cuban Timba Voice Count (4)
Eastern Gold Oud Count (27)
Eastern Gold Voice Count (6)
Eastern Storm Oud Count (11)
Eastern Storm Violin Count (10)
Eastern Storm Voice Count (3)
Egyptian Darbouka Count (1)
Egyptian Fingers Drum Count (13)
Egyptian Fingers Zil Count (13)
Egyptian Nile Darbouka Count (27)
Egyptian Nile Lute Count (5)
English Court Drum Count (3)
English Court Flute Count (9)
English Court Harp Count (3)
English Court Lute Count (7)
Europa Waltz Accordion Count (4)
Europa Waltz Bass Count (1)
European Jam Accordion Count (2)
European Jam Dulcimer Count (8)
European Jam Harp Count (2)
European Jam Whistle Count (2)
Greek Dance Bouzouki Count (31)
Greek Sirtos Bass Count (8)
Greek Sirtos Doumbek Count (22)
Greek Sirtos Guitar Count (4)
Greek Sirtos Riqq Count (13)
Greek Sirtos Violin Count (10)
Havana Bass Count (10)
Havana Cabasa Count (1)
Havana Claves Count (2)
Havana Congas Count (2)
Havana Cowbell Count (4)
Havana Flamenco Count (6)
Havana Guiro Count (1)
Havana High Hats Count (4)
Havana Horns Count (4)
Havana Maracas Count (2)
Havana Piano Count (9)
Havana Snare Count (1)
Havana Timbales Count (2)
Havana Toms Count (1)
Havana Triangle Count (1)
Havana Trumpet Count (8)
Hawaiian Luau Bass Count (1)
Hawaiian Luau Drums Count (3)
Hawaiian Luau Guitar Count (5)
Hawaiian Luau Ukulele Count (1)
Hawaiian Wave Ukulele Count (6)
Highland Keep Dulcimer Count (7)
Highland Keep Harp Count (9)
Highland Keep Whistle Count (10)
Indian Bhangra Choir Count (1)
Indian Bhangra Drum Count (8)
Indian Bhangra Flute Count (8)
Indian Bhangra Santoor Count (7)
Indian Bhangra Sitar Count (11)
Indian Chant Subahar Count (18)
Indian Curry Ganjira Count (6)
Indian Dandiya Drum Count (10)
Indian Dholak Drum Count (40)
Indian Khol Drum Count (10)
Indian Mridangam Drum Count (19)
Indian Pakawaj Drum Count (18)
Indian Raga Drums Count (6)
Indian Raga Oboe Count (1)
Indian Raga Sitar Count (9)
Indian Raga Tabla Count (10)
Indian Rajah Bansuri Count (4)
Indian Rajah Sarod Count (30)
Indian Rajah Sitar Count (41)
Indian Rajah Tabla Count (37)
Indonesian Chi Erhu Count (5)
Indonesian Chi Flute Count (3)
Indonesian Chi Gamelan Count (25)
Indonesian Chi Kit Count (8)
Indonesian Gamelan Count (7)
Indonesian Rey Gamelan Count (3)
Indonesian Te Balinese Count (3)
Indonesian Te Di Zi Count (7)
Indonesian Te Gamelan Count (7)
Irish A Rún Violin Count (11)
Irish Athair Harp Count (8)
Irish Bay Bouzouki Count (4)
Irish Bluegrass Bouzouki Count (1)
Irish Breton Harp Count (9)
Irish Brionglóid Harp Count (15)
Irish Chante Bodhran Count (4)
Irish Chante Guitar Count (4)
Irish Chante Malodeon Count (6)
Irish Chante Violin Count (6)
Irish Chiann Flute Count (1)
Irish Chiann Harp Count (20)
Irish Chiann Violin Count (8)
Irish Chiann Whistle Count (3)
Irish Comp Bouzouki Count (3)
Irish Cooley Bouzouki Count (1)
Irish Delight Harp Count (2)
Irish Dew Melodeon Count (8)
Irish Frost Bodhran Count (6)
Irish Frost Flute Count (7)
Irish Frost Harp Count (4)
Irish Frost Violin Count (8)
Irish Frost Voice Count (2)
Irish Ginger Bouzouki Count (2)
Irish Jig Violin Count (11)
Irish Land Bodhran Count (3)
Irish Land Harp Count (2)
Irish Land Mandola Count (4)
Irish Lore Bodhran Count (7)
Irish Lore Voice Count (4)
Irish Nag Harp Count (3)
Irish Nag Mandolin Count (3)
Irish Póg Bodhran Count (2)
Irish Póg Harp Count (4)
Irish Póg Mandola Count (4)
Irish Reel Bouzouki Count (3)
Irish Strum Acoustic Count (5)
Irish Strum Guitar Count (5)
Jacaranda Bansuri Count (1)
Jacaranda Conga Count (1)
Jacaranda Finger Zimble Count (1)
Jacaranda Marimba Count (3)
Jacaranda Percussion Count (2)
Jacaranda Shaker Count (4)
Jacaranda Shakuhachi Count (1)
Jacaranda Singers Count (6)
Jacaranda Udu Count (1)
Jamaican Anis Bass Count (2)
Jamaican Anis Fill Count (2)
Jamaican Anis Guitar Count (3)
Jamaican Anis Kabasa Count (1)
Jamaican Anis Organ Count (4)
Jamaican Clav Anis Count (1)
Jamaican Crash Anis Count (1)
Jamaican Drums Anis Count (1)
Jamaican Duck Bass Count (4)
Jamaican Duck Cowbell Count (2)
Jamaican Duck Crash Count (1)
Jamaican Duck Drumset Count (2)
Jamaican Duck Fill Count (3)
Jamaican Duck Guitar Count (5)
Jamaican Duck Rhodes Count (3)
Jamaican Egret Bass Count (3)
Jamaican Egret Cowbell Count (2)
Jamaican Egret Drumset Count (5)
Jamaican Egret Fill Count (3)
Jamaican Egret Guitar Count (5)
Jamaican Egret Organ Count (1)
Jamaican Egret Shaker Count (1)
Jamaican Frog Anis Count (1)
Jamaican Ibis Bass Count (3)
Jamaican Ibis Cowbell Count (1)
Jamaican Ibis Crash Count (1)
Jamaican Ibis Drumset Count (3)
Jamaican Ibis Fill Count (3)
Jamaican Ibis Guitar Count (7)
Jamaican Ibis Organ Count (2)
Jamaican Ibis Rhodes Count (4)
Jamaican Ibis Shaker Count (1)
Jamaican Jaeger Bass Count (2)
Jamaican Jaeger Clav Count (2)
Jamaican Jaeger Drum Count (4)
Jamaican Jaeger Fill Count (1)
Jamaican Jaeger Flextone Count (1)
Jamaican Jaeger Guitar Count (4)
Jamaican Jaeger Organ Count (2)
Jamaican Jaeger Shaker Count (1)
Jamaican Jaeger Vibbra Count (1)
Jamaican Rail Guiro Count (1)
Jamaican Rail Organ Count (4)
Jamaican Ruff Bass Count (2)
Jamaican Ruff Drumset Count (5)
Jamaican Ruff Fill Count (1)
Jamaican Ruff Frog Count (1)
Jamaican Ruff Guitar Count (4)
Jamaican Ruff Kabasa Count (1)
Jamaican Ruff Organ Count (2)
Jamaican Ruff Rhodes Count (2)
Jamaican Ruff Shaker Count (1)
Jamaican Sora Bass Count (3)
Jamaican Sora Drumset Count (6)
Jamaican Sora Fill Count (1)
Jamaican Sora Shaker Count (1)
Japanese Garden Koto Count (8)
Japanese Katana Drums Count (11)
Japanese Katana Flute Count (2)
Japanese Katana Guitar Count (2)
Japanese Katana Koto Count (10)
Japanese Katana Zither Count (6)
Japanese Spring Drum Count (9)
Kiev Eve Accordion Count (6)
Kiev Eve Balalaika Count (4)
Kiev Eve Bass Count (2)
Klezmer Bend Bass Count (15)
Klezmer Bend Clarinet Count (32)
Klezmer Bend Drums Count (26)
Klezmer Bend Guitar Count (11)
Klezmer Bend Horn Count (24)
Klezmer Bend Saxophone Count (27)
Klezmer Bend Violin Count (11)
La Marca Accordion Count (13)
La Marca Bass Count (11)
La Marca Cabasa Count (7)
La Marca Flamenco Count (10)
La Marca Guiro Count (2)
La Marca Piano Count (6)
La Marca Tamburin Count (1)
La Marca Triangle Count (2)
Latin Baby Bass Count (5)
Latin Bembe Conga Count (16)
Latin Bembe Cowbell Count (1)
Latin Bolero Bass Count (3)
Latin Danza Bass Count (7)
Latin Danza Drumset Count (10)
Latin Danza Guitar Count (2)
Latin Danza Horn Count (2)
Latin Danza Shaker Count (5)
Latin Day Bass Count (8)
Latin Day Block Count (2)
Latin Day Bongo Count (7)
Latin Day Conga Count (7)
Latin Day Cowbell Count (6)
Latin Day Cymbal Count (1)
Latin Day Guiro Count (4)
Latin Day Horns Count (7)
Latin Day Maracas Count (2)
Latin Day Timbale Count (6)
Latin Day Voice Count (3)
Latin Dulce Bass Count (9)
Latin Dulce Brass Count (2)
Latin Dulce Percussion Count (11)
Latin El Clan Bass Count (1)
Latin El Clan Drum Count (3)
Latin El Clan Guitar Count (20)
Latin El Clan Piano Count (12)
Latin Fire Bass Count (8)
Latin Fire Percussion Count (18)
Latin Funk Bass Count (2)
Latin Heart Guitar Count (6)
Latin Jam Bass Count (9)
Latin Jam Guitar Count (6)
Latin Merengue Bass Count (12)
Latin Roja Bass Count (1)
Latin Roja Percussion Count (5)
Latin Roja Piano Count (12)
Latin Spice Percussion Count (17)
Lebanese Jbail Oboe Count (4)
Lebanese Jbail Santoor Count (17)
Lebanese Jbail Zither Count (6)
Lotus Cymbals Count (1)
Lotus Di Zi Count (4)
Lotus Drums Count (4)
Lotus Erhu Count (4)
Lotus Gongs Count (2)
Lotus Guzheng Count (6)
Lotus Percussion Count (2)
Lotus Ruan Count (3)
Lotus Stings Ensemble Count (2)
Macedonian Clarinet Count (3)
Macedonian Rise Violin Count (10)
Macedonian Violin Count (2)
Mexican Mariachi Bass Count (1)
Mexican Mariachi Drums Count (6)
Mexican Mariachi Horns Count (12)
Mexican Ole Guitarron Count (6)
Mitzvah River Bass Count (14)
Mitzvah River Clarinet Count (8)
Mitzvah River Drum Count (1)
Mitzvah River Guitar Count (15)
Mitzvah River Sax Count (11)
Mitzvah River Violin Count (15)
Moscow Snow Balalaika Count (2)
Moscow Snow Bass Count (5)
Native American Drum Count (2)
Native American Flute Count (5)
Nian Hua Bass Count (4)
Nian Hua Cymbals Count (4)
Nian Hua Di Zi Count (3)
Nian Hua Erhu Count (2)
Nian Hua Gong Count (1)
Nian Hua Guzheng Count (8)
Nian Hua Ruan Count (5)
Nian Hua Ruan Chords Count (5)
Nian Hua WoodBlocks Count (4)
Persian Charm Clarinet Count (11)
Persian Dayereh Count (13)
Persian Market Tar Count (19)
Sanskrit Bansuri Count (4)
Sanskrit Bass Count (1)
Sanskrit Darabuka Count (1)
Sanskrit Manjira Count (5)
Sanskrit Santoor Count (5)
Sanskrit Shehnai Count (2)
Sanskrit Sitar Count (3)
Sanskrit Tablas Count (4)
Sanskrit Tamburin Count (1)
Sanskrit Tanpura Count (2)
Sanskrit Udu Count (3)
Scottish Bass Drum Count (4)
Scottish Bog Accordion Count (4)
Scottish Bog Fiddle Count (2)
Scottish Bog Harp Count (11)
Scottish Bog Whistle Count (3)
Scottish Flute Count (2)
Scottish Ides Bagpipes Count (5)
Scottish Ides Drum Count (3)
Scottish March Snare Count (5)
Shetland Bagpipe Count (6)
Shetland Bass Drum Count (7)
Shetland Fiddle Count (3)
Shetland Field Drums Count (3)
Shetland Shaker Count (1)
Shetland Snare Count (1)
Shetland String Count (2)
Shetland Tamurin Count (4)
Shetland Toms Count (1)
Shetland Whistle Count (2)
Shogun Bass Count (1)
Shogun Di Zi Count (3)
Shogun Fill Count (3)
Shogun Groove Count (3)
Shogun Guzheng Count (8)
Shogun Koto Count (4)
Shogun Shakuhachi Count (5)
Shogun Toms Count (1)
Shogun Woodblock Count (1)
Swedish Ni Nyckelharpa Count (8)
Swedish Nyckelharpa Count (7)
Tango Rose Accordion Count (21)
Tibetan Peace Bowl Count (13)
Tibetan Peace Drum Count (10)
Tibetan Temple Gongs Count (4)
Tibetian Temple Gong Count (1)
Tigris Arco Strings Count (2)
Tigris Bass Count (4)
Tigris Boghran Count (4)
Tigris Darabuka Count (6)
Tigris Izmir Count (1)
Tigris Oud Count (5)
Tigris Santoor Count (5)
Tigris Saz Count (5)
Tigris Shehnai Count (1)
Tigris String Ensemble Count (2)
Tigris Tamburin Count (2)
Tigris Udu Count (2)
Tigris Zimble Count (8)
Turkish Calm Riq Count (10)
Turkish Morning Drum Count (4)
Turkish Morning Flute Count (12)
Turkish Morning Oboe Count (8)
Turkish Morning Oud Count (11)
Turkish Spice Saz Count (25)
Turkish Winter Riqq Count (2)
Turkish Winter Violin Count (20)
Ukranian Solo Violin Count (10)