A standard format of a Burns’ Supper is:

  1. The haggis is piped into and around the room; the tune played is usually A Mans a Man for a That.
  2. The Address to a Haggis – a poem written by Burns – is given with appropriate flourish, cutting open the haggis at the appropriate time, followed by a Toast to the Haggis.
  3. A knowledgeable person gives the Immortal Memory (a tribute to Robert Burns).
  4. A Toast is made to the Lassies – outrageous, hilarious but gracious to the ladies (Burns was quite fond of the lassies).
  5. A reply is given by a lassie.
  6. The Selkirk Grace is said.
  7. The haggis is piped back to the kitchen and then served, usually with champit tatties an’ bashed neeps (potatoes and turnips).

The Scots Independent Newspaper's Burns Supper has some great links that offer all visitors the opportunity to listen to a Burns Supper in Real Audio format. Burns Suppers are held to celebrate the birth of our national poet, Robert Burns, on 25th January each year.