Bagpiper Covers

Bagpiper Covers

Introducing a new and unique range of bagpipe covers for the discerning piper. At last you can choose a cover that will do your pipes justice, and be as individual as you are.

With some fine sets of pipes costing thousands of pounds, your choice of cover should be an important decision. It's not just a nice finishing touch. Your cover should be functional, help keep your bag in place, as well as looking good. But it also gives you the ability to alter the appearance of your pipe to suit different occasions, in a matter of minutes. Any set of pipes can be transformed in a very quick and cost effective way with a new cover.

Every cover is supplied with the tremendous BGrip non-slip patch fitted to the body side of the cover as standard. No other manufacturer can offer this. Along with a generous zip, our unique design of stock sleeves, fully over-locked stitching and attention to detail, our quality covers set us apart from any other bagpipe cover on the market today. Please take a look at our online catalogue for we are confident you will find something to interest you, your colleagues or fellow band members.

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Bagpipe Covers